Our Story

With a colourful heritage that fuels their design process, Hong Kong based founders Helene and Dave set out to create artisanal home furnishings and textiles, pairing traditional Cambodian techniques with contemporary design. Using high quality handwoven fabrics made by exceptional artisans in Cambodia, meticulously finished in Hong Kong, KBEN & HOL’s furnishings offer a statement piece for your room.

The creative process has been inspired by their Cambodian roots, extensive travels and admiration of unique textiles and interiors. KBEN & HOL’s designs are defined by a contrast of colours, original patterns, refined materials and small batch production. Working closely with artisans throughout the design process, integrating their traditional craft with KBEN & HOL's distinctive contemporary look of today.

The first cushion design originated from Helene's  very own collection of vintage Cambodian silks. Kben - a traditional dress was paired with a Hol – a patterned silk unique to each village. From there, KBEN & HOL was born.

A close collaboration with local communities and partners in Cambodia and Asia ensures that each piece maintains an ethical and sustainable touch.